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Reviews for "this flash fails"

Very cool

Very cool idea. Good scripting. It's fun to type dirty things just to see how it will respond.


These are from English to Japanese:

Sent: It doesn't matter, now what happens. I will never give up the fight! Long as the voice inside tells me to run and fight, It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right!

Results: As for that something which happens, now is not important. I do notabandon fight under any condition! When inside of voice moves long,informs the fact that it fights to me, by mistake it issimultaneously, or everyone's oven is the range depending whether itis the right, someone is not important!
This is funny!


I love burritos >spanish> Master young donkeys


Dkimmortal responds:

omfg lol

I rofl'd

Bun from GM. Nice translator, I laughed my ass of. XD
"Hi how are you you donkey ass fuck"
"You peel your donkey donkey sexual intercourse, as Goodbye"

Heys aza

ya, this should be rated better, it's awesome :P (i got it up 0.01) if that helps lol.