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Reviews for "this flash fails"

The penis is good because of linkfan23...

This is amazing!
Original- Penis is good for linkfan23
Engrish- The penis is good because of linkfan23.

Dkimmortal responds:




Congratulations, you have found the easter egg! (1 in 1000 chance of this appearing!)
Post a comment to let everyone know you found it! <-thats what it says!

resident evil is an awesome game. zombies infest the small town of Raccoon City and Leon, a police officer, is against them. -thats what i typed-

tho i dont know what it does...

the scores so low cause when it started it didnt work. its up and running now tho, and the resaults are HILARIOUS japanese is by far the funniest, tho dutch is dam funny too. sometimes i get words like askkdfjeye lol... not actually one, but similar lol

brilliant gadget... im gonna reccomend this imediatly... it also should get under dog award

Dkimmortal responds:

Thanks for the awesome review and well done for finding the easter egg :)


It's a neat little translator program and it's funny to see how things get mangled sometimes. Only complaint was that is was a took alittle bit for it to do a small sentence.

Amusingly erroneous

I've heard about these kind of translation engines before, and I have to admit that you're quite justified in making a game to showcase these weaknesses. Out of curiosity, I decided to put in the Trogdor song into the machine (Dutch) and came out with the following:

Trogdor were people
whom I have meant, was he dragonpeople
or perhaps was he only one dragon
but he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating country
Burninating peasants
Burninating all peoples in thatched-dakplattelandshuisjes!
When already country in ruïne is
and burnination forsaken it country
only one kerel will remain
my money on


And Trogdor come in NIIIIIGHT!

Fully functional, and hilarious.

A nice gadget.
This one won't make sense in any of them:
Oh no! I lost the remote controller in the couch while watching television.
The funniest in my opinion:
No oh! I lost remote regulator in the armchair thus far nablyudayushchtelevision.

Not of the Oh! I lost the regulator moved away in the sofa whereas itwatched the television.