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Reviews for "this flash fails"

Amusingly erroneous

I've heard about these kind of translation engines before, and I have to admit that you're quite justified in making a game to showcase these weaknesses. Out of curiosity, I decided to put in the Trogdor song into the machine (Dutch) and came out with the following:

Trogdor were people
whom I have meant, was he dragonpeople
or perhaps was he only one dragon
but he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating country
Burninating peasants
Burninating all peoples in thatched-dakplattelandshuisjes!
When already country in ruïne is
and burnination forsaken it country
only one kerel will remain
my money on


And Trogdor come in NIIIIIGHT!

LOL! This is too funny!

Original: Hello I'm Lucas. From Mother3. XD
Engrish: Hello are I Lucas. Of Mother3. XD

Original: Kitty Krew is crap.
Engrish: The Krew kitten is crap.

Original: Hug me TwilightFox! Your kisses smell great!
Engrish: The TwilightFox which it will carry hug! Your height su the company itdoes, sniff,! (This is more funny!)

Lucas: Claus give me back my clothes!
Claus: Never!
Lucas: PK TOAST!

Lucas: The Claus in me after gives my cloth,!
Claus: Assuredly!
Lucas: PK toast!
(Mother3 Joke!)
Great job!

I'll post more in my user page.

Dkimmortal responds:


Very fun

It's very easy to use and yields great results pretty quickly

The graphics are alright for what it is, and the background music is fine too.

It's good that it has lots of languages to Engrish with

Not bad...

Even russian looking good. But sometimes it's too funny to read it without laugh. great work, I think.

Loading times

It is good but the load times really annoy me. Some of the translations are great! xD

Original - This generator is quite amusing.
Engrish - The generator sufficiently amuses.

Dkimmortal responds:

Load times are fixed now, i think