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Reviews for "Tetris Deathtrap"

Very Nice

This was very nicely done, in fact you should think about turning this into a sort of game. The animation wasn't all that great, it was good, but could've used more work. Also Stick Figures fighting within this Tetris Deathtrap would've really been awesome, but this was still good either way around.

|| Good Points ||
*Nice Idea
*Good Animation
*Great Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Could've Used More Work
*Done At A Slow Pace

IceyDrummer responds:

Ya i actually thought about that but i wanted certain people to die certain ways and i kind of killed them all off pretty early so i couldn't really have they fight but i decided that yellow and blue would work together til' blue wanted to go a different way...


This reminds me of the Tetris part in I Wanna Be The Guy (bad memories D;).

You need to make the animation flow more. The graphics were decent, but the stick figures only had like 3 animations and had the reaction times of sloths. The rows didn't complete which kind of ruined the Tetris feel.

But otherwise, it was okay.

IceyDrummer responds:

I could not get the stupid blocks to fit exactally with eachother and i wanted to kick myself for not going back and fixing it but oh well. I know they had three animations but i was short on time i was told i had like two weeks of class time and i have flash 8 at home so i couldn't edit it there so i had to deal with what i had...

This is a great idea

To be honest, I had a similar idea to yours. This style is awesome. I don't know how long you took to make this but I'd recommend making a second part but with blood and sounds in it. Also I think the yellow guy at the end should have gotten stuck instead of getting killed. It would have made it more original looking. All of these people also died in the same way. I liked how that guy lifted up the block with his two hands. That was probably my favourite part. I understand how hard it was making this. Are you going to make another?

IceyDrummer responds:

I'm not sure, if i do it's going to be a project for home because i did this in school so i wanted to keep it clean as to not get in trouble... But i guess if people really did like it i might make a second, any thoughts on names?


blood, the ppl need to do more, and the ppl somtimes freeze, and it should be a game, that would be fun :P

IceyDrummer responds:

They don't "freeze" they are stopping to think but i know what you mean. As for blood yes i know. And the game... omg that would be cool.

not bad

might make for an interesting game if the blocks fell and you had control of one of the stick figures.

IceyDrummer responds:

Ya, now if only i knew some awesome AS...