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Reviews for "Tetris Deathtrap"

I don't know if I'm just in a good mood but,

this was truely funny. I love the part with the yellow guy at the end, smacking his head against the wall in defeat. Very creative. I know you stated that you did this as an after thought, but it is really good!

IceyDrummer responds:

Lol i'm glad your in a good mood, and i think your the first to get it. When he just looks up and looks back down before he dies, they keep asking, "Why didn't he move?" so THANK YOU for getting that

Its simple i like it

nice work could have added some more eddects but its still good

IceyDrummer responds:

I decided to keep it clean i.e. blood guts because it was a school project but i guess i could have added once i got it home. I'll keep that in mind next time


That was totally awesome! Watching people being crushed by tetris blocks was surprisingly refreshing!

IceyDrummer responds:

lol thank you. I've seen somthing like this before and i got bored and my class is really behind beside one of my friend so we make awesome flashes while they make a ball moving across the screen.

Pretty Good

I enjoyed it, I don't know why it is under judgment, I have never seen it anywhere else, it isn't malicious, its not unsuitable, even if they think it is too violent, there is no gore. It was pretty sweet, probably could have done a little more animation, but you at least did enough. I like the idea, wish I came up with it, maybe I'll make a tribute to you?

IceyDrummer responds:

everything has to go under judgment because it weeds out the crappy animations. Lol that would be sweet thank you

i liked

was entertaining and all keep up the good work poor yellow lol

IceyDrummer responds:

thank you i might make a sequel