Reviews for "Anusboy"

Nice dude

something differnt and not so repetitive, good work, just didn't like the bad guy in the film he was a big douch, but hey your not sopossed to like the bad guy so still goodwork lol

weirder than salad fingers

and nothing is wierder than salad fingers.

that deserves something even if its incredibly demented.

Wow. I'm impressed.

Your use of dark comedy here is amazing. It really is a brain fuck.

wow lol

lol you have a very special mind :D i loved it. butthole ha, kinda scary tho haha


That was definately the most unique thing I've seen, since the last most unique thing I've seen. The whole thing was completely twisted all the way through. The defining moment for... well, the plot line, was when anus boy rose from the dead at the end. A pokemon-murder-victim's revenge should always be taken in the form of the victim's revived body super-powered by something that was quite possibly developed by the umbrella corporation. For all you nay-sayers, at least this flash had a plot line.... I think.