Reviews for "Anusboy"


What the fuck did i just watch? it was good

Don't worry I'm here to respond to your help cry!

that was the most stupid comment ever of that guy couple of times below me...

Now the movie, nice, cool style weird story nice animation.. nice nice
Also the sound was sometimes kinda hard to understand and I got a headache.. maybe thats it?

A shame

I fear that if i were to enter the depths of your mind, I would most certainly be trapped in the surreality of hell itself... Even to gaze into the deepest most untapped well of your imagination from a safe distance, I could not guarantee my sanity would remain in tact. Thanks for the work mate, good stuff.

W-P-S responds:

Only I have the balls to enter my mind.


lol rofl omg wtf rawr leet this movie uber pwns and its funny hpow wen he blinks it farts


That was super disturbing......to say the least