Reviews for "Anusboy"


That was great, Hilariously great.

Makes no sense

but i like it! nice work, and good animation.

that was awesome

very well done, the characters all had great personality and the images were great! nice work, i would love to see more like this.

Yes I understand its pure awesomeness

But I also see a sorrow..Why so much sorrow :< I think you have feelings or even a personal experience from a boy (who you think it's an anime freak fan retard kid) who shot at you or your classmates (or even something as terrible as that in your childhood).The animation must agree with my previous thoughts,although I am sure you are an atheist in any way and only doom (doom 2 eye-monster lol ) is waiting,not god when guns are shoting..I agree with you..As for the last part...I didn't get the hellish think...or.........you would sell your soul in budda devil to become a monster greater than the boy and show him how real pain is...

What a sad story from all of its ways...but you somewhat showed it as funny with that crappy animation...how stylish :P

P.S. Have you lost your arm,or is it just a feeling...like if you lost your dignity or your virgin-childhood feelings or I DONT KNOW IT'S SO AARRG....

W-P-S responds:

lol is this supposed to be a parody of a shitty review i got?


This flash was really unique and interesting. I was smiling the whole way through, great job on the art work and animation. The sound was a little hard to hear at times but was generally good as well as highly amusing. Excellent work all around.