Reviews for "Anusboy"


The part where the guy looks at the girls tits and goes "YES" i was laughin my ass off. It was wierd though, but the animation was good. Nice Job overall.


that was pretty awesome great animation and character design...

Very very weird

But the artwork was excellent, no storyline really lol, but it was very good drawings. =]

you are going to bomb someplace aren't you?

just don't make it my house.

excellent cartoon, continuation requested.

exotic and exquisit

The hole way you portraid this flash was just pure excellence. I thought that it was really funny how you changed a lot the design of the pokemon kid while conserving its original characteristics. The design of anusboy is just simply funny. It was really great seeing how you didnt put much effort to the classroom backgrounds, however this payed off at the dream, that was some photoshop magestic piece. The random jokes are ammusing and it really falls under the style I like. Great flash my friend, shows a lot of your mind (not the brutality but the amount of cleverness you posses). By showing how your mind I mean the way you think, out of the box! The color scheme is amazing, this simply is a master piece, im taking my hat off my friend, its been a while since i havent seen some great animation piece so well made.

Looking forward for anusboy 2.

W-P-S responds:

"photoshop magestic piece."

I didn't use photoshop, you silly boy!