Reviews for "Anusboy"


that was very disturbing but yet funny at the same time. the animation was great. the story was a little bland, but you made up for it in violence. good job you get a cookie.

I loved it !!

really great animation like ren and stimpy style very fresh and new for a new age of fuckin anime japanese shit


i really dont like it...

W-P-S responds:


Everyone else is right...

The animation and art was very good, but the theme/story was very disturbing. It was nothing like the feeling you get while watching Salad Fingers, but was something entirely different. Instead of having a clear story, the little guy with the gun shot everyone, then was killed in the end. I'm not sure what you were trying to do, but it seems like an attempt to get some shock reviews...


It was good but i thought it was more sick then entertaining...but i liked the killing aspect. Char models is what sickened me.