Reviews for "The Orange Flash Box"


"We can't have periods"

*drops blood*

I totally laughed to that one, HAHAHA good one!

I love this doctor!

Heh, this got my Ten and five.


Excellent Lol TF2!!!

Thats so true, i play sniper all the time, kill like 10 guys then a pyro sneaks up behind me :( They made the flames stronger too T_T

Speaking as someone who wants Orange Box... [687]

This flash was too good to pass up. The fact that I've already been spoiled on Portal time and time again.... was the deciding blow. Anywho... excellent video, sound fx, dialogue editing.... all that good stuff. Paris Hilton headshot? Hot indeed. And that's just the start.

Hahahah. Halo/Gordon Rocks/Sucks taggers... running back and forth. You know, I've never played a FPS where "tagging" was even an option. I'm so behind the times. Quake 2 and the original Half-Life... plus System Shock 2 and Oni... are about where my desktop computer left off, due to obsolescence.

Human breathing holes! You will enjoy it! Heheheh. But why the BLEEPing censorship? That blows. ;_;

"Well, I'm period'ing right now." Hahaha... glad I watched the deleted scene. Delicious.

Arkuni responds:

Wow! Someone who cares about grammar!

I'm glad you liked it and if there is any game in the world that I should recommend, then it would be The Orange Box. You get 5 1/2 games for the price of 1 1/2. Don't pass this deal up!

Half-Life 2 is still my favorite game and even though it's pretty linear, then I still keep playing it after 5 years.
Everything about it is just perfect :P

Keep rick rolling!

describe in one word: omg thats impossible

well i say make a sequal!!

Arkuni responds:

There will be no sequel, you'll have to squeeze all the eastereggs you can out of this one ;)