Reviews for "The Orange Flash Box"

Teh M4sT3r <H3iF OwNS JOO!!

God I hate l33t speak. The was great dude. Team Fortress was my favorite part, but they were all good. I still don't understand all the HL vs. Halo though. I love Halo and I love Half-Life. Just play what you like.
It was funny though.

Master chief.....Rules.....Sucks.....Rules..
...Gordon Freeman.
The Halo Fanboy getting pissed was a nice touch.

Arkuni responds:

Just remember, it's only MY opinion that MC sucks ass compared to Gordon.

I only did it because everytime I talk about games with random people, the conversation always ends with "Halo is the best game".

Beside... pissing fanboys off it fun ^^


Brilliant! Loved the paris hilton scene...... man I hate that bitch.

Awsome job!

I like how the loading screen was all blurred out, like all the other Steam games, and the scene selection from HL games. The spraying thing is true lol. Well, since I play CS:S, thats how it happens :P Especially when some fag has disgusting gay porn or shit for his spray, (it makes me avoid going to Long A :P) people often will cover it up with their own sprays, which is nice. No more gay porn! ^^ Until next round.. :O But anyways..

This flash was awsome, well, IS awsome. Lol about Paris Hilton being shot in the head, and the 2 crabhead guys getting ran over, shot, and got shit on by a bird lol. That was hilarious. This'll be in my favs for surez. 10/10! :D

parodys are awsome!

parodys r awsome and u my friend are also!
u are amazing
im not a kiss ass
i just think that was really good!


That was epic!