Reviews for "The Orange Flash Box"

lol i lov that doctor

lol naruto sadness and sorrow

Another Great [] parody

Ironically i watched this right before i was planning on going to play TF2. Either way pretty good job although i have to say that the dead horse of the medic-heavy homosexual relationship has been beaten to such a bloody pulp that the glue factory wouldnt take it the animation quality was still great and it was very funny!


Every last bit of this vid spewed awesome, Great job.


yay you just made my day a lot better. great job on everything.(what suprised me was how you didnt say anything involving the still alive song)

faintastic, in need of sequel, or extention

oh man, that was perfect and well executed, and the little controlls were helpfull the jokes were sweet and everything was shiny and perfect, although, there needed to be a portal gun joke in there somewhere, the half life bit was a bit short, but where did you get the raidio loop? i need it for something, anyway i hope to see more like this out of a great author like you :)