Reviews for "Grid16"


Amazing game and addicting. I say maybe jsut add a little little liiiiittle bit more time for each seperate game section. Not a lot but just a lil bit :P

ahh yheaaa

no joke by i got to 6.2 on this game

Great game

I like the switching, its distracting :D
I also like the instructions at top
I can only get to about 3.8 speed, but just because i'm not good does not mean the game isn't

I suggest you make longer on each game

Cool But

My Score Didnt Go Through Either =[

I loved the one where your the blue arrow XD I was eemense at it.


After playing this for a solid 3 hours, I pretty much got to the point where you couldn't go any further. I was up to a 6.2x speed and I started losing. It got down to 2 games. The one where you dodge the 3 green balls, and the one where you bounce on the things as they go by. I stayed in these 2 games up until the 8.2x multiplier then finally gave up. I posted my score, and for some odd reason it isn't going through. But either way, great game. Love it.