Reviews for "Grid16"

Great Game

I belive it really train my hand-eyes-coordination and reflexes ^^
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Very interesting. I like the scoring at the end. It got very hard when it was cutting me off at inopportune moments... and then throwing me back in at that moment. I think I'll try again later.

Good work, but fix the summit score thing. I can't change the name from muffin (incase you can't tell by your highscore board.)

Awesome game

Great game and concept, just need to fix the textbox at the end when you post your hi-scores it will not let you change the name...


Excellent music choice for this fast paced game. Definitely a fun challenge.

man so close!

I Loved everything
the music
the speed
the gameplay
but then
the high score table wouldn't let me enter my name =[
total bummer
not a perfect 10
but pretty friggin close
this thing is like wario ware on steroids
great job!