Reviews for "Grid16"

I had to rip myself away from this game, it's so good. Amazing job! The only thing I would recommend is making the game speed up a bit less.

Best game ever!
That's all i can say!
Cause I'm about to rage and punch my PC!! >:(

This game really was a lot of fun! I think the best part was how you were given so many chances. I had no idea what was going to show up next. It didn't even take me through all of them at first. You had to be first to figure this out. A pity the score isn't as high now.

I love games like this that make you pay attention to what you're doing. There's always something going on. It wasn't that well detailed, but it didn't need to be. I like the scores you get afterwards. This was quite fun.

87% Reflexes 91% Timing 86% Prioritizing! 99 Combo on that Yellow Ball Avoiding Green Ball Game multiplier 6.0 anyway I would like to stop bragging but I really enjoy this game its great!

Awesome game! Taking me time to get the hang of things though but I love it.