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Reviews for "Grid16"

vary fun

to esye


first time sucked... second time... DOMINATED!!!

So addictively annoying XD

First time thrugh I was llike WHAAT D8 and then I played through it several more times... and I love it XDD I don't think the player isn't given enough time between speed-ups, I think it's fun :P It was also fun when I eventually got what each game was about XD

Had potential

Its a really good idea for a game but- A lot of the games I didn't have time to even realize how to play, and later on it was going to fast for my head to even know what was my character and what wasn't. Also the whole idea that you start a mini-game where you last left off was bad considering I would die in literally split seconds. Maybe a sequel would be better because I love the idea!

How the...?

I don't get about half of the games. Sometimes that little square mini game, the ball starts outside. Other mini games, I just see a bunch of balls jumping around and I lose. Not one of your best games...but still maybe pretty fun sort of almost hmm.