Reviews for "Cloverfield : The Game"

Haven't played yet

I'm like... kinda scared of some movies and I hate when things randomly pop up on a screen, so what happens when the statue of liberty comes up?

good game

it was a good game,but not all that good


that was the best game ever imgona play a 42nd time!!! "this is skidmore102,s lawyer....i would like to say that every thin he has said in this review is not official and he acgually thought this game was shity fuck twat(not very good)

nice game

maybe add better animation and let us play as the monster and it might be a little better.

p.s put "Requiem of a Dream"for backround music

Its okay but

well, at first i couldnt tell what was going on, the monster just repeats its actions an breaks some random glass. also, you dont even have to click on the monster to win. if it wasnt cloverfield based i would have zeroed it. nice try though.