Reviews for "Cloverfield : The Game"

i dont like these kinda games

things 2 improve on , the shootings too slow nd the monster shud move 2 different scenes , the way i see it , cloverfield would be gud as a first person shooter for nxt generation consoles , i know they didn't have guns in the movie but that would make it fun.

Not much to it

Seriously, you need to add more to this than just clicking on the same thing over and over. Perhaps you could've put in the little mini attackers that fell off of the monster. Just try and think of something to make it more interesting.

not to good

the grafics were ok, but i knotesed two things

1. even if you arnt aiming at the monster, it still counts as a hit
2. if you replay, then your new score is added to your high score

i did like how if you shot the buildings, they would explode, so i give you 4 stars

Virusalert responds:

Yeah, I thought that would be fun. You really don't have to shot the monster but, I guess it is fun to think you are. In the movie the monster didn't really take any damage. They just hit it and it kept going like nothing happened. (It was unstoppable) I fixed that score I believe, thanks for the review.

Needs some more work.

I'm not even sure if shooting the monster does any damage at all. Nothing in the monster indicates that, and it has no reaction at all. Also there is no music and introductory plot. Overall this seems a bit hastily put together. Improve the gameplay and it should be good.

Virusalert responds:

As I explained in my Comments up above the movie itself had no Music and no Cool intro. If you see the movie it's just like the game. It starts off as a video tape being played back. Through the entire movie after the monster shows up there's no music playing.


personally I thought it was kinda dumb...
if you ever make a cloverfield game it should be a mapped/RPG game and not a 'Who can click fastest' game...
Kudos to trying to make a CF game but minus points for the bad quality, lack of point, and lack of anything really decent...
Go Straight To Jail... Do Not Pass Go... Do Not Collect $200...
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"OH F**K"

Virusalert responds:

No. I think that would be dumb. Making it an RPG that wouldn't work. Cloverfield can't be made into an RPG, that's like making a STREETFIGHTER RPG.