Reviews for "The Sniper's Contracts"


seriously, your english blows
you cant spell words or make logical sentences
work on that

mrty responds:

That's possible, i'm Turkish... But in which part it blows??? I thought my English was OK.

Fun...just not original

It was fun and I watched the trailer for the second one, doesn't seem to have better graphics. This is about as original as a cheese pizza. How many "stick sniper" games have to come out before people stop re-doing them. On a lighter note, this is a great start to becoming a NG game maker. I feel you should put more time into coming up with a game that people haven't seen yet or maybe improve on an existing game making it your own.

0 - Originality
7 - Graphics
20 - music
15 - Fun
5 - Replay value

TOTAL : 47/100
NG RATING : 5/10

mrty responds:

I know, but i think stick sniper games are very popular on NG, so i decided to make one, and see what happens... And i am a beginner in the graphics side, i am not a good graphic designer. Please PM me if you have a good idea to help me.


I love this fuckin game but i must say bad things for this game
You must improve tactics.(like mission 2 with 1)
Grapichs bad(but %u0131don't care)
You must work to harder

mrty responds:

Yea i know, Erdal. But it was my first real game, i was a little excited about it, so i just submitted this and see what happens.

So much potential

This is like tactical assassin, but not quite as good. So much could come out of this, but the characters look like they where done in Paintpro and the kills are a little odd looking. They just collapse slowly and unrealisticly. But good job and I hope to see another.

mrty responds:

Yes i agree the graphics are bad, but the reason they collapse slowly is like slow motion, it adds some excitement to the game. Thanks for playing and reviewing!

great potential

This game really has the potential to become something great. Graphics I think are the main issue. Improvements there would help the game out a lot. The 3rd mission is really hard too but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out. Good job, looking forward to the sequel.

mrty responds:

Thanks, the sequel will be out soon, but i don't know when.
About the 3rd mission, read my respond that i wrote to evil-roda's comment. There is a hint. If many people have problems with the 3rd mission, i will release a walkthrough. If you can't find that respond, the hint is: Think about the video game bosses, some bosses will not die by shooting, you will have to -for example- shoot something hanging from the ceiling to make it fall on to the boss.