Reviews for "The Sniper's Contracts"


i just took that mans life..... AWSOME


Even though your game didn't have very good graphics it was still great! I loved the story.

mrty responds:

Thanks. Everyone is complaining about the graphics, i will improve that in the sequel.

Well, you're on the right track...

First and foremost, please learn to optimize. I didn't take off points this time, since you are new to this. The art is really bad, you need to improve that. Next, it is impossible to beat the third mission, because whenever I hit the first target, it always says I'm out of ammo before I even get to the second target. You have lots of potential, however, you really need to improve.

mrty responds:

No, no, no. It's not impossible. Just think. How can you kill two targets with one bullet? It's NOT like you kill the first one, then the other one but you are out of ammo. You have to make some kind of trap to kill them both.
Lemme give u a clue: Think about the video game bosses. You can't kill some of the bosses by just shooting them, right? Sometimes you have to, for example, shoot an object hanging from the ceiling to make it fall down on to the boss.
You will find out. And i will release the walkthrough soon.
And yeah, the art needs improving, i agree with that. I will work on it.

it needs work

1. Make the scope smaller as size and the crossair thinner.
2. Try to make the enviroment more 3D, it seemed like some old sega game
3. Add shadows to the characters
4. Improve the plotline (he suddenly kills himself?)
5. Don`t change the position of that red button, it ruins the cinematic...

mrty responds:

Youre absolutely right. I just don't agree with "he suddenly kills himself." If u are talking about the 4th mission, the man lying on the ground is not Tobias, it's his brother, Jack. Remember, when you are searching the sanctuary, it's first person. (You are the one who looks at the dead man.)


The sniping itself was alright, but it could use a bit of work, such as limited ammo, or when you shoot a building cracks appear or summin... Cartridges being ejected etc.
The idea of having a story line behind the sniping is a good idea, but it needs work, there's no depth of character there.. you need to build the plot first... You need to decide which is more important the plot-line or the sniping itself.

mrty responds:

Ok, but why limited ammo? I mean, in order to succeed in a mission, you just use one single bullet! If you shoot an innocent, you lose, if you shoot a target, you win! That's all.