Reviews for "The Sniper's Contracts"


I'm not voting this low because it is short, but because it looks like you haven't put any effort in it!

-The enter screen where the guy gets shot looks crappy and you putted the stop on the wrong place within this tween.

-When you check the computer you have made a screenshot from your own pc and you still have Flash open??? what sniper or assassin has FLASH open!? Just take some time and draw the screen yourself.

-Put some music on it to create a creepy atmosphere or something.

anyway if you make a sequel "please" create a different story? The idea with a hitman and a agency has been used like 1000 times.

Hope to see our next game anyway and see the improvements.

mrty responds:

I have to correct you.
- If you have read my commentary well, you will see that this game is not a crappy flash that was created in like 3 days in my lunch breaks. I spent totally 5 weeks for this, that's not a lie, and i think that means effort.
- The dying guy's tween is some kind of a bug, i don't know why, but i couldn't solve it.
- That open flash is an easter egg, you found it, but you didn't understand that it was an easter egg. (Imagine it's not an easter egg, why wouldn't a sniper make games in his free time? Maybe he is a NG User? Why not?) And, printing the outlook express screen and pasting to paint is not about being lazy, it's about quality, i was sure if i drew the screen myself, you wouldn't also like it.
- That breathing sound, if i am right, is not in any other sniper games in NG, so i thought it would be a creative idea.
- A hitman and an agency could have been used 1000 times, but which better idea you have for an assassin snipes for money?


Even though there is another version on crazymokeygames this was still very good i liked it.