Reviews for "Valhalla Knights 2"


Please, continue with this amazing serie, i can't wait to see more.
The history, characters, music, it's REALLY good.
Good work

Nice, but a few changes might improve it...

First of all, It was an interesting story. A little unoriginal in places, with the necklaces but I think we can excuse that. I would say that I didn't much like the style of the animation, the characters looked a little weird and too anime-esque which I guess is down to personal preference in the end. When the girl pops out of nowhere I did think it was odd he just left her to lay down there, giving him a jacket to give to her would of been a good idea i think. Overall it was ok but I think the animation could of been a lot smoother and a little less tweeny. Hope this helps...


I like how this IS the last one

No bad

Good story, animation need work, visual look little sloppy but not bad


'nuff said