Reviews for "Valhalla Knights 2"


2 things 1 : how is he planning to get her home naked
2: why did loki appear wearing clothes while she was naked

one question

love it just one question when are you going to post next one

very nice

This is a real original work of art you're making here and I can't wait to see where you take it. Very good all around.

On an unrelated note, exactly how is he supposed to carry a naked girl through the city without, you know, getting arrested.

Still a work of beauty. Keep up the good work.


Just three words.... popcorns , soda and enjoy ¬°
This movie is original since the beginning .
Art , animation , story , drawings and end is too cool to lose it .
1,440 reviews .. are enough?


this is just awsome. there is just few words i can use to describe this but just amazing