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Reviews for "Mario Versus Tetris"

well im not gonna blam you for effort

but letsee..... why would a koopa help mario, two diffrent sides unless u used paper Mario (which you didnt) and the whole tetris thing....just didnt make sense, you shouldve had the revenge scene first, and since its your first animation, ill cut you some slack on your battle scene which was sub par.

The Idea is well thought of, but there is no real quality.
Mario stands atop the ground, the Explosions look like if theyre drawn with Microsoft Paint and the story is pointless.


Ok then, alot of improvement is needed here....
The sprites seemed to move as if they were on a very low frame rate, so they looked crappy, the drawing then erasing thing with the bridge and explosion is no good at all aswell....it makes your flash look stupid.
The actual story was ok but the character basis wasnt.(why would a koopa help mario ?)

All i can say is take your time with it, watch it over yourself and think " is this realy worth the viewers time ?? And if you do think it is double check to make sure !

Ha... Ha ha... HA HA HA!!!

I'm sorry, but the only reason I'm giving this a two (one higher than what I was going to give it) is because I nearly split my sides laughing at that pathetic attempt at an explosion. Go gather some good resources, maybe pick up a tutorial or two, and try again.

Oh my...

You should really think of making your flashes better. Sorry, but you have to improve everything at least 10 times.