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Reviews for "Mario Versus Tetris"

You need to improve next time.

It's your first sprite flash, but next time, do better. The background effects were rather poor as well, that's what I suggest you fix. This is optional, but you should put a text box at the bottom of the screen instead of having the text follow the character, it might help.

soraslayer responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely make my second part better and I'll try and use what you said.

Oh my...

You should really think of making your flashes better. Sorry, but you have to improve everything at least 10 times.


If you absolutely must make a sprite movie, try to use nothing but sprites. I mean for everything, even backgrounds.

This wasn't exactly great to begin with, but the craptastic backgrounds and effects completely ruined it. There are plenty of sprites for explosions, buildings, etc., that you could have used instead of trying to create your own in Flash.

Pretty cool

Make it a series please, it was preatty awesome.
The koopa was emo :(

Ha... Ha ha... HA HA HA!!!

I'm sorry, but the only reason I'm giving this a two (one higher than what I was going to give it) is because I nearly split my sides laughing at that pathetic attempt at an explosion. Go gather some good resources, maybe pick up a tutorial or two, and try again.