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Reviews for "Mario Versus Tetris"


this is awesome

Pretty cool

Make it a series please, it was preatty awesome.
The koopa was emo :(

you could have just added soem stuff

next time try adding sounds , a faster speed
explosion looked weird


this is a good first sprite flash. few things you should do
1. make the fps (frames per second) 30
2. when making a movie clip watch it over and over to fix anything that will be noticable.
3. i noticed the explosion was wierd. you can find explosion sprites on
a sprite library.
4. put more things into the surrounding so we get more of an idea where the charaters are e.g in the field at the begining put in blades of grass clouds and a sun.
5. put the text into a text box
6. and add more sfx
other than that it was good


come on mario you can bet L-BLOCK.

I love this shit right here. mario with a reason to whoop ass , L-block the evil one who might I add caused me to lose a high score in the tetris for Game Boy.

I bet LUE G-G is still alive... i bet koopa was just misinformed.

and than lue and mar join force to beat l-block who has also joind forces with Z- BLOCK yeaaa that would be solid.

and then mario throws z-block to the floor and G-G throws L-block and the two blocks create a line... and then they vanish..

no but it is a good flick, i could care less about the animation because you got your point across with the story,, that music kind of fucked me up in the start, i almost shit myself when koopa flew down.

5/5 10/10

i hope to hear more from you