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Reviews for "Daydream +"

yay, it's true!

But all you really need is your mind and nothing else! If you can do it in your mind and you are SURE OF IT, being sure is the most important, you'll do it fine. If you do not just try again!
Good animation! Can be better with a little more key frames but it's already good!

This is fucking amazing man.

I love it, it's hilarious.
Good animation and voice acting as well..


Amazing! Fantastic! Overall, Outstanding! ^_^

hahaha XD

one of the funniest animations ive seen for a while.
you must have been soooooo high to be able to make this.


I really love this one! Yeah, sometime people will make university thesis just in the interpretation in their commentaries...

The speech was really funny and the most hilarious is that you did think outside the box in this flash.

Please continue doing flash movies!