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Reviews for "Daydream +"

hahaha XD

one of the funniest animations ive seen for a while.
you must have been soooooo high to be able to make this.


Its about a dude who daydreams he can skate, he can't. Good animation, nice audio, pretty cool humour. Might want to avoid doing any in-depth analysis of Jon's animation though , he'll just post it after the animation and will add a speech impediment which probably wasn't written in the comment. I'm sure that guy will give his support again.


Loved the ending. I started to laugh my freaking ass off!

I liked what hppened at the end...

That was pretty interesting. you do get the feeling some of these animations are trying to make 'subtle' points in really bad ways.


The level of animation was golden. And the commentary was absolutely hilarious because it was a parody of how real commentators try to sound profound. And the author's responses to those were so clever.

In other words, so fucking funny. Great job.