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Reviews for "Daydream +"


True. No really... :P


Whoa my name is Chris too..! I love the diagram at the end. Good work. Keep thinking outside the box.

At first I was thinking it was deep too...

But listening to the commentary...I thought...
HA - I know I was a victim of over thinking on a flash movie.
When in reality the artist just wanted to make something.
For no particular reason or goal.
This is a prime example of creating something simply because.
Very nice, but I feel the dream sequence could've been smoother animation.
That would've captured the audiences' eye of wonder and amazement.

I liked what hppened at the end...

That was pretty interesting. you do get the feeling some of these animations are trying to make 'subtle' points in really bad ways.


woahman, you used to be at darkdeamon or whatever right? anyways, ahahah, good ending, reminded me of the chineese guy from chuck and larry.