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Reviews for "Daydream +"

nice job

I like the work done for the flash. The commentary was kinda funny with the incohearentsy
Good job.

nice commentary

the guy below doesnt know what hes talkin about. in fact the whole joke is the commentary, and no...commentaries dont have to be optional, if thats how the author intended it to be, then thats how youre going to watch it.

i like the double commentary lol. the skate stuff really isnt anything...but the talking with the text making fun of the speaker was funny

Commentaries are Meant to be Optional

Now, the animation and premise are okay during Acts I & II--the imagined success and the real failure and injury--but Act III's rambling commentary detracted from the experience because it was poorly done... both deliberately and performed poorly in general (poor performance at being poor... there is such a thing). It prevented me from clicking replay.

To all authors: if you think a Commentary would be cool to add, either you don't or allow it as an optional audio track (even if it is supposed to suck).


great vid


it captures the human elemant.LOL