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Reviews for "Daydream +"

L O Freakin L Dawg

Tat was hilarious. I loved the diagram. Me. . .Everyone else. Me Ability. . .Achievements. . .Imaginary. Great timing and animation. That was hilarious.


nice! i love it... this was a testament to...to...to...mankind rofl so funny keep up the animations. you are probably the best animator i have ever seen. especially with pivot. (i want to get that good :( ), and great voice acting was really good too. you definately have a future in animating! :D


dood i love this video, the end is funny too lol, ur sticks are awsome also keep up the good work

loved it

jon i have 2things to say
1. ur amazeing
2. this is nto only a testament to mankind but to every living and non living thing i bet even grass is enjoyng this wonderful animation


that... was..... AMAZING!!!!! The detail on the eye was brilliant i am surprized it can actually be done on flash brilliant work LiquidSword!!!!!