Reviews for "Yotsubato!"


I've loved this since I've seen this on your DA!


Skaijo responds:


I appreciate the kind words (and the semi-stalking). :P

Ah Yotsuba&!

I haven't read the manga in quite sometime now but I do remember reading the one this is based on, though only slightly so I can't remember how accurate this is, maybe you could say, it would save me looking it up, lol.

It's pretty short and fast paced, not really a problem though if it was a little longer it would be nice, it is also pretty funny though maybe if the last part was done a touch slower it would be more so. The graphics are pretty poor but at the same time pretty nice looking, they could be improved a touch though.

But overall, not to bad, the audio was clear and everything else looked good, I would like to see a longer Yotsuba&! animation though, I think that would be good :3



Skaijo responds:

Thanks for the kind words. The animation is pretty accurate to the manga--panel for panel up until the very last line. <3 I figured it would just be a silly way to end it.

Yeah, the graphical quality was turned way down as I never really expected to turn this into Newgrounds but just show it to a very few friends who'd get the joke. I got up the nerve to share some of my shorts here on this site though, Yotsubato! including.

I do need to work on making better links though.

There actually is an extended Yotsuba animation on Newgrounds, if you haven't already stumbled across it. It's called Metal Gear Yotsuba--and there's plenty of source material references thrown into that mix too.