Reviews for "Yotsubato!"


The lines were all right, but the voices made me want to kill myself.

A review with no compliments. You smell.

This animation brings to question one girl's lust for ice cream and her search for this foodstuff in the face of impossibility. Through the power of denial, can she transform the world into a giant ice-cream making thing?

The answer is screamed at the end.

The lines are simple. The tweens obvious.

I find myself wondering if promising to not give compliments in this review is something I should actually stick to...

Anyways, for the end frame, with the text at #009933 and #009900, maybe 'animation' could have been a slightly different colour?

And K.Azuma doesn't really stand out that much! If someone was colour-blind, that lime against white would be difficult to read! Do you have something against K.Azuma???? Do you not want folk to know his/her name? What's your problem?

Having the replay button go to the memu seems pointless - instead if it were gotoAndPlay("firstFrameOfTheActualMov e"), that might be better.

Overall, this movie does something to me that I won't mention but also makes me realise I should maybe watch this anime. Maybe if I knew it, it'd make me actually laugh, but it only makes me do something I won't mention.

You were totally right about Cowboy Bebop btw.

fucing hell are you kidding me!!!!

worst thing you ever made!!
seriusly dumb!!!

=O Yotsuba!

Even more a reason to love the little bugger. <3

I had already seen this on Deviantart (if I'm not mistaken) and it still makes me laugh now. Glad you put this up onto NG.

Great, but

give her that damn ice-cream!