Reviews for "Yotsubato!"


Not again... not again with the girl who can't get her ice cream... LOL
Give her some freaking ice cream already. LOL

Skaijo responds:

She can't have ice cream!

Cause unfortunately, I like it too.

not much

Its short but it good.


I read many of the books in french.
This animation is good, the art may not be the best but it's exactly how I'd expect Yotsuba to act.

Skaijo responds:

You get the books in French?

Peut-il faire la creme glacée ?


Good one, for a short.

Not much to this visual wise, but the humor is in keeping with the spirit of the manga. Pretty good.

Skaijo responds:

Vissually it is spent, but I'm glad you like the joke. Thanks for the reveiw!

really funny

the animation was ok but the joke made it work, can it make ice cream, NO lol

Skaijo responds:

I appreciate the love. It was a short joke of an animation and I'm glad you find it funny too. <3