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Reviews for "Sonny"

A few suggestions..

Terrific game, but a just a few things.

-(This is already posted in your description, but I really wanted to exemplify how helpful and happy this would make everyoneMake allies controllable...I'm sick of dealing with AIs that do not cooperate with my attack where I know I can finish the enemy in 1 hit, yet they still attack them, waste of a turn.

-When an ally (or main character) dies, do not give them experience points, only give it to them if they survive the battle..it's only fair.

-Maybe randomize the stats on the armors and such?

-Add in an option like: No animation...meaning that when you lose health, you won't see the bar go down, it'll just drop. Also that means all attacks are not shown, but everything is still calculated.

Again, great game overall, definitely a keeper....still screwing around with that doctor guy....geez it feels like it's going to be a long fight.

best zombie game on NG!

it's all great! except there's this bug where if you die right after you get off the ship(in a practice battle) and you didn't save the game just starts looping the first boss battle if you didn't save after it

Fucking Awesome Game

Okay, normally i dont/cant be bothered to write reviews for things on new grounds, but the fact that your game was so damn awesome, it forced me into this lol. 10/10 for me and shame upon people for not loving this game. I was getting tired of the zombie being the victim, but this game revolutionizes the way people look at them.

By far the best game on newgrounds.

iI woyld say more but everyone has already beaten me to it.
definatly an orginal idea.

I'll be voting "5" till I'm 30 years old...

This is seriously the best game I've seen on NG byfar. I just got to the beach part, but I can tell this is going to be one long and awesome game. Since you read reviews...

I can say I actually like the linear gameplay. If I wanted to explore around little areas and stuff, I'd play World of Warcraft. I would hope that you stick to the linear formula and maybe to make it slightly more free, you would incorporate things into the story that the player can change.

Again, amazing game. I actually WANT to finish this. I WANT to see what happens to Sonny.