Reviews for "Sonny"

So Great

I loved this game, the way you had to out-think your enemies, and come up with different strategies to beat them. I can't even wait for the new edition to come forth.

Oh my gosh!

Best game in the world but you did'nt have to add curse word's.

Krinn responds:

Haha I just wanted to make the dialogue feel natural. I didn't over excessively add curse words just for the sake of it :) It's there to highlight the emotional influx in the characters!


This game is simply so full of win that it goes over space-time barriers.
Seriously, the gameplay is awesome,and the idea of the zombie being the nice guy while we humans the baddie skyrockets my love for this game.
Only thing i didn't really like, was being unable to shoot the gun from the soldiers at the beginning ^^



Awesome game

great game!

this game was great! All up to the 3rd boss galiant the paladin though. i just cant beat him, can you give me some hints/help on armour i should wear and abilities and attributes i should pick. stuff like that. i went with the assasin. just hit me up if ya can help. i really wana finish this game!

Krinn responds:

There are loads of strategy guides in the link in my comments :D