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Reviews for "Sonny"

Too short?! Liars!

I've seen a few threads pop up on the BBS about this game, and I know a couple of people complained a bit about the length of the game, complaining that it was too short. What jokers. It's a good length game, and I damn good one.

Great storyline, characters, music, gameplay. It ticks all the boxes.


this is the best game ive ever played on newgrounds

Great game

Extremely well done. I enjoyed it greatly.

Excellent game!

I really liked this game.
- Great looks
- Nice music
- Easy to play and deep enough to have strategy
- Puts them all together and does them well

The only thing I wish you could of done was added manual AI control, but you already said you aren't gonna do that, so w/e.

But still, very nice game :D

Good job.

Just one thing though: it was short. I realize that this project must have taken a lot of time and effort just to get the game's foundations to where it is now, let alone develop a story, but I would have gladly waited longer for a better/longer story. Other than that, very good job. Graphics were great, leveling speed balanced, and gameplay was incredible. Can't wait for a sequel.