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Reviews for "Sonny"

By Far Best NG Game Ever Played!

Since playing this game; I can't stop! This is the best work Ive seen in a long time! You did a great job with this game. You made an old fashion style RPG; fun, not complicated, and with a great story line. I miss that about the old FF's.

If there had to be a down fall I guess it would have to be about the buddy system, but I don't find it that much of a problem.

If you are thinking about making more games like this; please do. There should be more developers out there like you. Thanks for a great game!

Krinn responds:

I'll improve the 'buddy' system next time round pal, glad you liked it! :D

- Krin


i'm pretty suprised this is free, lol, coz it's awesome!
it's a hybrid mutant of "Last Chaos" and "Adventure...whater it's called"
the Final Chaos part is the purchase o fweapons, and the abilities.
the adventure quest (thats it!) part because it's flash, and turn basd and has really weird creatures.
i love the story, and i love the game altogether, this is defo in my favourites :)
if you're looking for more idea's, you should make it online, like a MMORPG, and host it on Newgrounds.

freaking amazing!

This game is awesome! I had just beat the shamans the second time, and instead of clicking the 'x' to get out of the inventory, I clicked the 'x' to close the window, without saving, otherwise, this is one of hte most amazing games of this year (all two days of it) and of last year.

best rpg ever

i love this game choose ur class powers and armour