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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

hmm ... using z as an attack button is a bad idea

because european keyboards are using the "y" on the place of your "z"

thedo12 responds:

you can change the controls in the menu


wow. so. that really blowed.
wtf is with the one arm?
it sucked.
maybe keep the arm for a shield?
that game was hard as hell.
the freakin axemen are impossible to beat.
they hit like 67 damage every 2 seconds.

thedo12 responds:

do me a favor dont leave reveiws on any of my games anymore mmmmmk

Not good

Too hard, the armored boss was so cheap. Moving was sluggish, limited attacks available. The dash backwards.. wtf? Why on earth make a backwards dash when you can make a blocking move instead of this nonsense. Archers were only effective when they were below you because you cant duck, that makes a lot of sense... Swordsmen and Axemen tend to CAMP YOUR CORPSE every second they can by swinging nonstop when they have you. Health was few and far between and rage was really pointless... I'm assuming every point of rage gives you like .001% damage upgrade, making it impossible to get a significant damage increase. Music was annoying, get a mute button!! Graphics were meh, I didnt like the sluggish one swing look to the game, the power move was totally suicide, since they enemy will just hit you back, and then continue to corner you with hits.


I know you said that this game isn't an attack-spam game ... but IMO, I think it would make the game a helluva lot better. You tried to take a simple game and make it more complex than needed. When you made it complex, you made it glitchy, like the people below me have already pointed out. Otherwise, it wasn't all that bad.

thedo12 responds:

dear Getorix I read yuo review and I love it please review all my other entrys

a-u-f-u-l auful

this game was horid not to mention the crapy effects