Reviews for "Clear Vision II"


u should make another or was that the last


That was most likely the BEST game I have ever played! I especially like the Bush thing in the paper. Thank you for making this.


the second game is even better than the first one!
this is just cool
and the geography of his room updated too, it looks a lot fancier
i wonder how dooes the police officers faces looks like after they didnt find jake at all lol
and the ending is expected, of course, the bastard commander is killed by jake good ending
i wish u can make more sniper games they are just awesome!
best wishes

so freaking good holy moly

k.. you need to make another one of those... pronto.. that was so freaking good! the story and the game one of the best on newgrounds for sure

Great one guys!

Fun game play. Love the sunset ending! BOOM!