Reviews for "Clear Vision II"

Your writing is horrible...

Why does a secret group have their name written all over everything, including a giant sign on their headquarters building?

Daani responds:

Because everyone thinks SD-6 sells vacum cleaners but what they really do is assassinating people.
Where is your imagination?;P

Huge improvement

Huge improvement from the first one, it wasnt just point and shoot, you actually added depth to the story, characters, direction, etc


What a story!

This Game shows emotion, many emotion, it's really good.


lol..i found a glitch, after you kill the dog, go to the kitchen select the newspaper, choose the heading ,then without moving the mouse click again, it will take you to your computer and open a message :)

It can be better i tell,anyways pretty good, liked the ending

an improvemnt

this game is definitely an improvement from the last one, it has more of a "professional" feel to it and there's more going on with the story. I really like how you "redecorated" the house as well the computer which looks a lot cooler than before. and I think it was a good idea to actually post pictures of the victims so you'd know who to shoot at all times (although sometimes it doesn't say but it those times it really doesn't matter) the graphics are pretty the same as the last one so I won't say much about them. there are some things I just don't understand. the television for example, in the first game you could watch it, but now its just sitting there. the newspaper in the first game could only be read if there was something relating to the murder or something else that seems interesting, other wise the newspaper wouldn't be there. but the newspaper in this one is always there and I really don't see the point of it cause sometimes when it doesn't mention anything about the murder you can't read the other articles.