Reviews for "-Whatever!-"

I need you to do me a favour....

Remind me to worship your music. This melody is cheery and addictive to listen two. The piano is a really nice addition adding to the tune and catchiness and you keep it locked in your memory.

All you tunes seem to be Waterflamish in a sorta way and are catchy, and you're always coming back for more. This one is relatively more catchy and memorable than the other songs you have composed. Keep up the fantastic work.

Another Rousing Rendition of Race Around The World

Very nice, but we've heard these a time or two before.


@ ADumbDoor

Ditto ;)

Great progression and addictingly fun to listen to

Yet another amazing work, Waterflame. As always, your song is so diverse that it never gets old to listen to. It seems that every time that I listen to one of your songs again, I discover something new that I hadn't noticed before. Like a beat, or an instrument, or something like that. This piece is no different, which is a poor choice of words to describe this song in retrospect. Your music sticks out from the crowds in a way that can inspire anyone to begin dancing. I especially love your happy, upbeat songs. Every time you release one like this, my playlist gets a little bit larger.

Time to delve into specifics: Well for one thing, the song just looped without me consciously realizing it, which is a good thing. I means that I am fully immersed in the song. The opening is great. That chorus (I don't know if it is synth or not) is different, but was definitely a good addition to this song. The violin has a happy melody that is quite memorable. The beat is the Amen Break, but I won't knock off points for that. You used it well, and it just adds to the song. As the song plays, the more instruments and melodies overlapping create a feel of building until 2:08 when it slows slightly, but then jumps up to a stronger feel.

Take note, artists of the world. This is how you write music. You don't have the same sound constantly with no changes. Some instruments in the background can do that, but you should have different things going on in the song. Things should be changing. There's nothing wrong with a beat persisting through a whole song, and nothing wrong with a few instruments using the same melody and chords, but make sure that the main melody changes occasionally.

I also love how Waterflame throws in these bits where the music seems to stop, and then has someone whooping, or a sudden drum beat, and then the song jumps up to another great melody. The music seems to come in waves of ever increasing fun to listen to. I give this a 10/10, I cannot point out a single flaw in this song.

Another great one!

I tend to prefer the more hardcore techno beats, but this has a feel to it. You managed to keep what makes your songs recognizable without sounding like "just another happy beat by Waterflame." I like the fact that it lasts without getting the feel of being repetitive. The additions do not sound out of place, and the fun is omnipresent. Well done!