Reviews for "-Whatever!-"


Absolutely love it! :D

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! ^^

Me gusta. Me gusta mucho!

Every time i listen to this, I am hit with a massive wave of nostalgia, and I dont even know why!
One of my favourites in the newgrounds AP, this is as damn near perfect as music gets these days. I absolutely love the Orchestral parts, it merges perfectly with the Dance parts. What the hell are you saying, 'im not too happy with the outcome'? Its brilliant! Can I just ask, What, if you had any, were your inspirations in making this track? I swear it reminds me of something, and it's driving me crazy trying to think of what it is it reminds me of.

Please make more.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you man :D it was originally part 2 of another song i made, and i was just bored so i extended it! i guess the main inspiration is from the maplestory soundtrack. haha.

i personaly think it repeats the melody way way to many times, and i diddnt realise this untill it was too late. thats kinda why im not happy with it.

thanks for the review!

Needs an Award! 10*

What a awesome mix of tunes. Kinda reminds me of the sort of music you'd find on a childs game; but better. Would like to see some more of this sort of work. You can definelty tell where the more high speed rythm changes near the end music for a minute, into a new rythm altogether, but it works really well. Nice work.

Really awesome!

Same with what the person below me said, Really love the mix of two genres.

I love it! :D

I love the mix of two genres. It sounds really awesome. :D