Reviews for "-Whatever!-"

great job my Christian

Now to some of the complainers below..... i dont think you know just how many songs Waterflame has, and then your asking him to get more variation.... he has got a lot and I love to see guys try to even compare........

dont listen to the non 10er's man

dude. listen up man. your awesome. not a day goes by where i dont listen to race around the world THE ENTIRE SERIES and time machine. as well as nieve and burst. emotion locomotion and emotion burst locomotion and nieve again and many more of your songs. so when i started hearing this im all like LOL, Thats whack (in a good way) and moving like butterscotch, yo! before crying out RESPECT, cause im getting down to this and im like i hope you DON'T die in a fire cause id be all sad that my happy music maker friend is gone. KEEP IT UP MAN. RATW4EVAR and IM OUT in mah TIMA MACHINE. SHOOM.... keep it real.. real good im out

nice but...

i really like this song though as others have said, it just sounds too much like one of your previous songs for me to rank it any higher than an 8.

What the..

Truly awesome music. As always it always has an addictive and joyful beat. Most of my MP3 player if full of YOUR songs. I wish i could dance to it. But sadly i cannot at all dance.

very good

I like it, though like the previous before me, it's just another rendition of your previous stuff. I'm sorry, waterflame, but you're losing me as a fan. Keep in touch on FB though. I'll continue to listen there when you post different types of songs.