Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"

i dont listen to dubstep

but i watch to much tobuscus/tobyturner i guess thats why i think this is awesome


This is such amazing piece of music. This is more than music or art. Its like the pure sound of amazing was captured and then was mixed with death, and some amazing, and then morphed into the shape of missile and then shot straight into my ear. And the sound produced from the explosion was better than anything that had ever occurred or happened before this. Simply amazing.


He isn't selling this one, he's selling his original version.

I love this dubstep version though.


It's awesome, keep it up! Looking forward to more remixes!


Holy fantasticness of awesome world. You're fantastic. This is incredible. I instantly downloaded this and will jam to it for years to come! :D keep up the fantastic work!