Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"

You made a Dubstep song i like

You made me make a account you bunghole, just so i could write this review! not only did i laugh my ass off, i genuinely loved the beat and loved the pace of the beat with the vocals. i usually loath dubstep, finding that it sounds like pacman farting, but your song is simply amazing dude.

cheers to many more songs from you!

Nice one man

TOBUSCUS!!! That man pwns all. You know when I watch all the literal trailers I get the urge to buy the game. And that guy has something new all the time. Literally literal is awesome. Anyway where was I audience. Oh yeah. I love the catchy tune something you can have in your head when you play video games. Bless you and peace off.

must be a dream come true

my dream is to meet the crew of Ghost adventures


Holy fuck this is great!

The first good Dubstep I ever heard

At first I hated dubstep, I thought it was a stupid genre that wouldn't caught on to the main public, however, this song changed my mind.

I still think there are a lot of bad dubstep songs, however, this isn't one of them :P