Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"

I gotta say...

...when people do filth properly and with a touch of uniqueness, it's actually enjoyable. This is a shining example.

In concurrence with what Blizzard said, you might just need to take another look at the drums. It sounds as if the drums are being dominated by synths.


Hahaha Tobuscus FTW! Loving his run through dead space atm... He's just so funny!

Anyways, to the song... what else is there to say than 5/5 10/10

A little manic at the beginning, and the voice does not seem a part of the mix at all. Cut some of the noise out. Drop was great, however.


I guess I gotta give love to the personality It gives, but lots of people listen to daft punk and screamo....

Nope, not mine