Reviews for "Dumbledore is Gay"


offsee robesee sexypositioney erectey dickey lol but NOT COOL! or is it? no its not but funny though

RSQViper responds:

Yes it is funny, that's why you 'lol.'

That wasn't cool

I don't find child molestation funny but I gave you a 5 for originality and before you say get a sense of humor I was molested as a child and you shouldn't joke about something like that.

RSQViper responds:

Sorry about your past, people who actually do that kind of stuff are horrible people however, I feel there is humor in just about anything, especially if it's not real (ie. Dumbledore is NOT real).

knew it

i always thought dummbledore was a bit to friendly with harry

RSQViper responds:

Yeah. He loved him.

Too much.


Lol, although, didn't rowling just say that A Character was gay, but gave no names, and that the community just suggested dumbledore, I don't know, considering I only heard it from a friend Still It was funny
Congrats on a great movie

RSQViper responds:

Actually she was in some sort of Q&A with a university and someone asked if Dumbledore was gay and she answered, "I have always thought of him as being gay."


That was awesome! Erecti dicki!

RSQViper responds:

Erecti Dicki, indeed!