Reviews for "Dumbledore is Gay"


that was very good. erecti dickie! funny as Hell. i mean it was kinda kool

RSQViper responds:

thanks, dude!

what do you meen

By dumbuldore is gay when you made a cartoon about a child molester. Those are two very different things. The cartoon was well made but you'll understand if I don't find it particulery funny.

RSQViper responds:

You like penis, you child molester!


Pretty good... but

If he was gay, why did he molest Hermione instead of Harry?

RSQViper responds:

He gets Harry later, don't you worry.


wow that was ...........wow props on spell names penis erecto love it

RSQViper responds:

erecti dicki!


Dude, you got to do another one with him! Maybe what he will do to Harry and/or Snape, lol.XD

RSQViper responds:

Maybe some day. Thanks for reviewing.