Reviews for "Dumbledore is Gay"

Not at all amusing.

Yet another naive misconception that being gay automatically makes you a promiscuous and lecherous pervert. I find it hard to find anything funny about raping a child. This should never have been created.

I urge you to stop making movies like this.

RSQViper responds:

Yet another naive review conceiving that this movie is about making gays the same thing as promiscuous and lecherous perverts. This review should never have been created.

I urge you to stop making reviews like this.


That was funny as hell. Cynical? Sure. An excellent movie!

RSQViper responds:

Thanks a lot. You've added incredible dignity to these reviews.

he he he he he

that was funny and i enjoyed it even tho im a fan o harry potter it is true i mean he did give off that gay vibe and pedifile vibe .....also in the book by rita skeeter in the last book said he and Harry had an unhealthy realationship .........hint hint? also tho the graphics were good and 1 more thing i never heard j.k. rowling say he was gay but all in all this was really good the lip sinking was a little bit off tho and proffessor snape didnt look like him also u shoulda like shown jk rowing at the eand doing something hilarious


RSQViper responds:

Thanks for the review and as for how they looked, they actually weren't based on how they looked in the movie. I made them how I saw them in the books BEFORE the movies came out.

THough Hermoine had better hair before I drew it. But I like her rat's nest!

I did not like it.

I'm sorry but it was just grossly unfunny. Perhaps I'm missing out on what point you were trying to make, most notably due to the lame attempt at a joke/shocker toward the end. I mean I sorta feel offended, sitting down and taking the time to read your author comments and view your flash only to be treated to your stinky poopoo pile flash doodoo head. I'm not really sure what else to tell you.

RSQViper responds:

It wasn't a shocker. I thought it was funny and made it. I could care less if people are shocked by it.

You may have a million Flashes, but I've added more quality and enjoyment to newgrounds than you have. Your Flashes are mostly piles of shit and spam.

Go fuck yourself, you worthless fuck.

doesn't make sense

the animation was ok, and the part with professor snape was pretty funny, but other than that this movie wasn't good. i didn't get the fact that dumbledore would be gay, but he rapes girls, which would mean he's not gay. plus the voice acting was horrible, and it could've been longer. you get 2 stars for effort, but maybe i am being a little too courteous with the review.

RSQViper responds:

You din't read the movie description and the voice acting was the best this planet has EVER seen!

And you hated it, yet you want it to be longer?

You suck at reviewing.